I am a Spiritual lush, with a passion for passionate people. I love pushing the limits of my super human potential and working with others to innovate our imagination and architect it into reality. Sacred bonds, sacred commerce and sacred geometry are my keystone values. I see everything as a One, a single particle existing in many forms. We are here to share the intelligence of love.
I Also Live For…
The endless excitement of living in the present moment. That feeling when you can write exactly what you mean to say. The fulfillment of productive days and the special vacays. Activating meditations with my guides that roll back my eyes, expressive dance, intense exercise, visionary art, crystals that talk to me, and long thoughtful walks. I live for LIFE.
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What I Create…
Online courses and brands that thrive. I am currently building an online school (the first of its kind, really) for conscious living called Creator Course, with my business partner and dear friend Nathaniel Solace. My passion is education and the sharing of information and wisdom. I’m a visionary through and through and I’m good at what I do.
Who I Support…
Conscious creators, entrepreneurs & artists who fulfill their life purpose by creating successful brands, businesses, online courses & social movements. If you are an awakened visionary who aspires to improve the World with your existence, I want to be your friend, supporter and biggest hype-man.

I am a Channel…

Approximately 4-years ago I awoke to a magical talent, the ability to channel energy, guides, deep wisdom, art and well, believe it or not, extra-terrestrial beings. After lots of practice and training with some of the best channels in the World, I too was able to open these abilities myself.

Today, I am an open-eyed channel and incorporate the work of channeling into all that I do. In my trance-channeling work, I channel a being named Ratava who is from Sirius. Ratava is a thoughtful and wise being whose messages I love to share, and at this time I am doing so in a way that is integrated with all of the experiences I offer.

One of my  highest joys from this work is teaching others how to channel and utilize the power of higher-consciousness in their day to day life. I am currently creating a Course for this very thing called Access Granted. Click here to sign-up on the list and be the first to know!

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My Bio

Amateo Ra is a Visionary Creator, Blogger & Biz Coach. He is also the co-founder of Creator Course, an Online School for Conscious Living. For the 8 years, he has been training with Global leaders in Spirituality, Channeling & Conscious Business. His passion lives in supporting others to develop their dreams.

Life is so Amazing

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My mom tells me I was a happy baby who didn’t cry much, but loved to dance and smile. I grew up in sunny South Florida, immersed in the beauty of the Tropical, South American and Caribbean Culture.

Mom was the principal of a Montessori School. Having creative liberty at the school, spending hours on end after school playing with the Course materials, I grew and excelled very quickly! Naturally, I began instructing and teaching other students as a child, and even have memories coaching and guiding the teachers! This is where my passion for education was birthed.

My entire life I’ve had a spiritual connection. I remember doing various rituals of lying in my bed and “charging” (activating myself with spiritual energy). I had a few strange UFO sightings and experiences, and always felt I was having visitations in the dream space regularly.

At the age of 9 some affluent and special friends of mine moved away, so every Summer we would get to travel to exotic and unique places around the World. Instead of hiring a caretaker for the kids, they simply brought me along. By the age of 15, I had traveled extensively to places such as: Cayman Islands, Mexico, Spain, Bahamas,  Morocco, England, Italy, Hawaii and all throughout North America.

I continued to accelerate through school and finished High School at the beginning of 11th grade with an above 4.0. I didn’t like the idea of going to a State College, so I high-tailed it out of there and became a Court Reporter. Not only was I one of the youngest Court Reporting graduates ever, I was also the fastest! I quickly climbed the ranks in the field of Court Reporting and did very well financially at a young age.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to Portland, Oregon, to continue my career. Soon my passions began shifting and Spirit rang. See, the whole time I had been immersed in continuing my education, studying topics such as physics, metaphysics, religious traditions, futurism, technology, business, marketing, pop culture, consciousness and dance.

One morning I woke up and changed everything. I left my 5 year relationship, quit my job and even gave my car back to the bank. I got rid of everything and I mean everything! Until I only had two backpacks worth of personal belongings.  I lived in all sorts of amazing homes with amazing people, traveled freely and attended many transformational festivals.

Then, organically, I began building my personal brand centered on life coaching, channeling, guided meditations. Sharing metaphysical insights, personal and lifestyle design hacks. Since, I’ve worked with thousands of clients and a number of amazing businesses. Studying and practicing the marketing and business of know-how-to myself; while continuing a very accelerated and passionate education in the field of conscious business practices. I have continued to focus myself in supporting others to create change and then craft their gifts and projects into the World.

I believe we need Spiritually Conscious people building a New Earth revolution in the ways that inspire and excite them most. I believe Conscious Businesses functioning in a harmonic way with nature for the sake of improving the lives of everyone is not only the future, but it’s the only way to live and operate with each other, while ensuring we rescue the planet from peril.

We, you and I, are creating a New Humanity with every action we take toward supporting the World with our gifts, life-purpose and love.  Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for being you.

 My Super Powers

Digital Designer & Web Developer

Innumerable Business, Personal & Spiritual Lifestyle Strategies

Tech Savvy like Whoa

New Paradigm Project Manager

Super-Bust Up the Block Dance Skills

Manifestation & Synchronicity Catalyst

I Can Create Anything & Help Others Create Anything

Crazy Contagious Laugh

Wonderful with Children

Powerful Passionate Presence

Intuitive Communication & Linguistic Tactics

New Earth Engineer

Sassy Swag & Crazy Sense of Humor

I talk & Channel Extra-Terrestrials

 My Credentials


Experts Academy

Product Launch Formula



Total Product Blueprint

Enlightened Business Live

Conscious Millionaire Business Training

What I’ve Been Up To!

Co-Founded the Creator Course

Co-Founded the Ascension Academy

5 Years of On-Going Intensive Group Shamanic Studies

1.5 Years of Awaken in the Dream Group with Paul Levy

1 Year Men’s Group Facilitation

Facilitated Several Professional Masterminds

Thousands of Hours of Online Marketing & Business Research

Past-Facilitator at Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

Past-Facilitator at LightQuest International

Graduate of Sedona School of Sacred Geometry

Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek

Flower of Life & Merkabah Training by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Certified Theta Healing Practitioner

Channeling Training with Solara An-Ra

Certified Lightwave Practitioner

Reiki Master Certified

Certified Stenographer