The Global Game Changer Mission

To bring together a small and intimate group of high-powered conscious entrepreneurs dedicated to  making a difference in the World. To create an intimate setting where I can provide  high-performance training and results to your custom needs. The same way, I have been absolutely rocking for my incredible clients and am ready to share with you.

This is an Urgent Call

 To all Conscious Leaders on a Mission  to create Positive Change. The time is now that we need to step-up to elevate the impact level of our services and leverage in the World. To support the transformation of millions of people who are ready, and to pave a path together to create a  thriving future. This is a rare opportunity and moment, and we must take action in order to chose our highest-future.
I want to support you in activating your full super-human potential , because by becoming the greatest version of yourself, your ability to fulfill your deep calling and big vision become guaranteed. And then we all benefit, because  we  Change the Game, forever, together. 
 Now is the time for you to show up and I’ll show you how. We are taking over. Are you in?

Please read the entire page before Applying! Registration is Highly Limited, So Get On It!

(Only 10 Seats Available for the Full 3-Month Immersion Experience.)

Hi Everyone,

I’m Amateo Ra, and I am a Vision Architect, Blogger and inspired leader of change. I’m a ridiculously passionate person with a determination to change the world forever.
You are here, because of a special invitation I am very excited to share with with you! First, I want to tell you a little bit about myself and give you some context. You’ll want to read all the way through, I promise.
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Our Big Beautiful Home in Ojai!

I live a vibrant and free lifestyle in Ojai, California (this is our home during a party to the left). Everyday, I wake up to put so much heart and passion into my work. I am a very ambitious Creator with a Big Vision …more on this soon.

How ambitious am I?

Well, within the last two years alone, I have created 3 very Successful Paid Online Courses with over 400-attendees, built three of my own Online Brands and started receiving abundant funding for our startup: Creator Course.
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What Else Do I Do

When I’m not busy building my own brands and startup, I am helping coach and support other industry leaders and pioneers in the world of Conscious Business. In the last 2 years, I have supported over 10 highly influential Brands with social media campaigns, course development, event production, creative business strategy and lots more.
I’ve written many successful blogs which all together have had over 1,000,000 shares on Facebook! (Seriously, though.) I’ve also grown an email list of over 20,000 people with our business strategies in less than 6 months. I am a part of a global network that is the largest Spiritual & Conscious Media outlet online, reaching Millions each week.
Also, I am an avid learner and take an integral approach to everything I do; meaning I am passionate about balancing my inner-work with my outter-work. I am constantly engaged in Spiritual, Emotional, Physical & Mental growth and development. I am always learning and testing the latest and greatest in Conscious Business. And I have fun doing it!
Every week, I get exciting offers from people I could have only dreamed to support. I have even had the honor of coaching the people who trained me! But how did all this happen?!

What’s My Story

Eight years ago, I was a professional stenographer, working in the legal industry creating transcripts for depositions and trials. I’ve always been driven, and back then I became our school’s fastest and youngest graduate at the time. I quickly escalated the quality of my clientele, and began earning over $7,000 a month at just 19 years old.
It was about this time something started to shake loose inside of me… I needed a change, so I shifted firms and moved to Portland, Oregon. Most of my work was involved with the prosecution of Priests for Sexual Abuse of Children (intense stuff).
Needless to say, I was sick, tired and mortified by what I had to experience daily at work. I started putting on weight and felt extremely lost. It was about this same time, I began doing deep soul searching, studying quantum physics, spirituality and began to understand more deeply how we live in a unified field of a Conscious Universe.
Shortly thereafter, I left that career, a relationship and began immersing myself in the Conscious Culture. For six years, I traveled, trained, worked on permaculture sites and even participated in hosting my own workshops and events. I lived in Sacred Sites, and with an Ancient Crystal Skull for a bit.
I took over 100-workshops and trainings, co-facilitaing with some of the most talented facilitators in the Spiritual and Conscious Industry. After launching my conscious business; Ascension Academy, while living in Sedona, Arizona, I continued my education on business and marketing while supporting others with their projects.
Still, I was craving more and kept re-creating myself and my business to where I got to where I am today….




The Global Game Changer is For…

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, Bloggers, Visionaries, Healers, Artists Innovators & Startup Pioneers.



So, here is the Vision I’m so excited to tell you about!

Six years ago my visions really started. I began seeing the New Earth every time I closed my eyes and meditated. Beautiful permaculture cities made of sacred geometry architecture. A beautiful and thriving prosperous paradise where humans live in harmony with nature and our Universe.
A World where everyone is living their life purpose and resources are shared openly. A World where synchronicity and the sharing of our gifts and talents rules our sacred commerce. I spent so many nights in tears of gratitude and prayer… I’ve never wanted anything more in life than to exist in this envisioned World. Can you relate?
So I asked my guides: “How will this New Earth come to be built?”
They answered: “You’ll build it.”
I was shocked! How could I build it? Well, after years of listening and tuning in, this is why I am inviting you here. Because I believe you and I share the same vision and we are here to change the Game together.

Tell Me More About the Global Game Changer Mastermind!

I’ve been guided to bring together a small, very intimate group of high-powered conscious entrepreneurs dedicating to not only making difference in the World but to build a New Earth. I will support you in growing your business and brand beyond the levels you’ve been visioning for years.
I am also going to support you in becoming the person you need to become, so that You can spearhead the movement YOU are here to create.
I’ve learned that in order for our Conscious Industry to be successful in transforming the planet, we must elevate our brands and businesses to get Global Recognition. We need to be massively successful and play a big game, in order to prove to our model is the future. That living vibrantly and with a purpose for great change is the greatest gift we can and will give to ourselves and each other. That business founded in Sacred Commerce and Love is the path to Planetary Prosperity.
This is your opportunity to come together to learn, grow, transform and expand with other Global Game Changers to literally change the Game.
In fact, it wasn’t long ago the founding fathers of the U.S. and families like the Rothschilds came together to develop a “New World” through their own Masterminds. Truth be told they did; however, so much has gone corrupt and expired from their original vision.
It’s time for us to circle up to create the next New World, the one that belongs to and interconnects all of Us!

“Passion and a Desire to Win are the most important factors for success.” – Malcom Gladwell


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What We’ll Focus On

In the Global Game Changer each week we will have a personal, purposeful focus.

High-Performance Personal Training
I have discovered an integral system, where we up-level our personal lives and live in alignment with our internal needs for growth and evolution. As we operate our business from this system, the pace of growth for our businesses and brands skyrockets!
Personal Support:
Spiritual Access
Mental Mastery
Emotional Literacy
Environmental Clarity
Physical Reconditioning
We’ll also uncover how to crush resistance on a daily basis, stay focused, and persevere through challenges. We will work on how to maintain a positive and vibrant mindset to go above and beyond with your purposeful calling.

Purposeful Support:

  • Brand Development & Positioning for Your Business.
  • Creative Strategies based on where you want to go and the best route to get there.
  • Strategic Timeline development for the next year of your business and beyond.
  • Structuring your unique genius into Online & Live Courses.
  • Marketing; reaching a wider audience & getting higher levels of enrollment.
  • Getting Paying Clients & Customers for Your Gifts $$$
Oh, and lots of accountability: Goal Planning, Overcoming Distractions & Achieving Results. I’ll teach you how to open to your divine potential so you can be a closer in alignment with your life.
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-  Are  you ready to play a big game & step it up to a whole new level of success?
-  Are you ready to create a thriving career that’s in alignment with your core values and deeply fulfills you?
-  Are you ready to take control and create massive leverage in your brand and business?
-  Are you ready to convert your genius and gifts into thriving Online Courses that fill-up registration?
-  Are you prepared to support the millions of people online who are looking for your content and services to help their transformation?
-  Do you have systems set in place today to streamline and automate the work you are doing in the World?
-  Are you ready for a major phase of up-leveling and know you need support, but didn’t know how you would receive it?

You will also learn:

  • How to be a Master Creator in every endeavor your partake in.
  • The Latest & Greatest in Website & Branding, Copywriting and Marketing Techniques.
  • How to Create Courses & Launch them with Phenomenal Success.


During the Mastermind, you will network with others who register for this course.

Also, I will be making some exciting offers to you throughout the course to be a part of my own personal network and some exciting upcoming projects. Being a part of this Mastermind, means you become a part of my well loved team.

The Challenge: To work everyday to crush resistance in every form. Forms of Resistance will crush and include but are not limited to:

  • Daily Distractions
  • Expired Belief Systems
  • Social Drama
  • Social Media
  • Energy Leaks
  • Addiction
  • Money Issues
  • Sense of Lostness or UnBelonging

What You Get

One Live Weekly Mastermind Mind Training Webinar (90-Minutes)
- Includes Recording + Archive
One Live Group Mastermind Up-Leveling Feedback Call Every Two Weeks (60-Minutes)
- Ask Questions & Get & Provide Specific Support on Your Needs
One 1-on-1 Session Each Month (60-Minutes) $300 Value
Private Facebook Group



Access to My Course Essence to Impact ($500 Value)
My Course Creation Toolkit ($100-Value)
Extra PDF Templates and Perks for your Website & Brand ($150-Value)
Guest Presenters & Interviews During the Mastermind ($300-Value)
I’ll introduce you to my network & support you in your reach (priceless)

The Global Game Changer Mastermind Begins:

January 5, 2015


Option 1: $800 a Month for 3-Months
Option 2: One-Time Payment of $2,200 (Save $200) 

Duration: The Mastermind will be a 3-Month Long Immersion Experience


The Application:

I want to make sure you are a perfect fit for the Global Game Changer Mastermind, so please fill out the form and I’ll you get back to you shortly.

Please register today, as space is limited to 10-Selected Individuals