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From vision to results to celebration, here's some proof of how we create our dreams together.

This is just a taste of the hundreds of testimonials I’ve received from 1-on-1 coaching, my courses and more.


Amateo is one of the most brilliant, compassionate, and real people I know. He has the very unique ability to extract your brand right out of you. I came to him with an idea, (well 4 really) and he so naturally helped me narrow them down into one solid business model. With his guidance and support, we built an incredible, visionary, successful, true to myself brand and thriving business. It showcases my soul purpose, biggest passion and highest calling. He is one of the most stellar human beings I know, to work with him is like a breath of fresh air. Amateo is a master creator, a quick-minded, highly intelligent, streamlined, orderly, super on task amazing wordsmith versed in a vast array of arenas and effortlessly diplomatic. Amateo’s work goes so much deeper than business, he coached me through my insecurities and fears so that I could confidently move forward becoming the person I am today. Amateo is a true next-level mastermind. If you’re looking to create or up-level your business, you will be lucky to have him on your team.  I have been so blessed, incredibly honored and endlessly grateful to have him as part of mine. Thank you Amateo for making my fragmented dreams a solid and thriving reality. I am forever grateful.

Brooke Tarpening
Creator of BrookeAlexandra.TV – Lifestylist & Conscious Chef


Working with Amateo has been one of the greatest places I put my full YES! Not only am I setting clear tangible goals and meeting them with grace and ease, with his support, but I’m being offered reflections to support my personal development, as well as my business. I’ve said numerous times, I feel Amateo is my biggest cheerleader! He supports me and my work to thrive in the world with clear, focused attention as well as compassionate, personal commitment.

Luna Love  
Founder of &


Amateo Ra possess that rare combination of being utterly visionary and deeply grounded. This is reflected at every stage of the creative process, including the nuts-and-bolts execution of a project. Each stage requires a balanced measure of each spectrum, which he masterfully blends so that there is always just enough of one without excluding the other completely. In short, he is an alchemist of effectiveness and an engineer of dreams.

Immanuel Otto, MA, KTS
Managing Director,


Amateo is A Seer. He clearly sees the present and future possibilities for individuals on a personal health level, and also in relation to their business. I recommend him, without hesitation, to facilitate personal growth, community building, integral communication, and alignment with purpose in business.

Renee Airya
Healer, Coach & Leader, Founder of


Amateo is all kinds of Brilliance! Whether your needs are personal growth, crafting your optimal success life style, or clear branding-launch-program strategic business development he will meet them with efficiency, authenticity, fun, depth, and impeccability. One of my favorite qualities is his ability to really listen to what you want and need and craft his suggestions accordingly. Combine that with clear presence, conscious communication, and inspiring creativity, you’ve got a kick-ass pro! 

Emma Juniper Clare
Emotional Mastery Expert & Creator of


Thank You Amateo for helping me supercharge my creative energies by giving me the precise strategy, tools and “know how” to get my work out to the world in a way that is aligned with my heart and makes a true difference in others lives. You clearly communicate your knowledge of social media, web technologies and curriculum design in a seamless way that is making a huge difference in how I approach my business and platform of service. I feel your coaching has helped me bring my work to a whole other level of AWESOME! You are a gifted coach with a huge heart! I look forward to our continued work, growth and co-creations!

David Beaudry
MMQ & Founder of


Amateo possesses a unique gift to fully vision the big picture and then lay it out in a practical step-by-step format. His viewpoint of what is possible is often bigger than one’s own mind can imagine for oneself, and yet, he puts his efforts into developing a clear, digestible strategy that empowers forward movement. I have found him to be skilled in gracefully communicating at all levels of understanding through brilliant and illustrative expression, seasoned with a dash of humor.

Gianna Piccardo
Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant & Yoga Instructor & Founder of

Praise for My Programs

I create a sacred relationship with all those who work with me. We cherish each other!

“I took the last Creator Course, iCreate 2014. It was really helpful to me. It gave me a safe space to explore and define, which brought me tremendous clarity on who I am and what I’m creating/offering. I feel powerful, clear, rejuvenated, and supported on my next steps. I’m definitely a fan of Creator Course.”

China Brooks
Coach, Creator & Founder of

“Yes indeed, I gotta give huge gratitude to you Amateo Ra for leading the super-catalyzing Essence to Impact Course, which taught me how to Strategize and Mastermind. AND, for coaching me to launch my own 4-week program, which had a profound impact on many of the participants in the course.”

Phil Osophical
Artist, Creator & Founder of

“From the depths of my soul, I thank you Amateo for facilitating such powerful online courses with me, that helped steer me into the next level, breaking past my plateaus . From Align your Life , to Essence to Impact, I have made leaps and bounds, and continue to process the information contained in these wisdom gem’s.”

Adrian M.

“In the smallest box possible, the Creator Course helped me realize not to be ashamed of my desire to participate fully in all aspects of my reality, and to feel comfortable with putting myself out there. In doing so, the world has begun to reflect my love, and I’ve met so much family. I was able to hug/dance with/laugh with a huge musical inspiration (Medicine For the People) and share/record music with badass professional musicians. So, yeah. It’s pretty great.”

Rachel R.

“First, I want to thank you for your Essence to Impact course, Amateo Ra. I actually opened up a couple of the course materials a couple of nights ago. They have helped me move through this week of tying up loose ends and getting ready to move. Thank you for your light and soul work.”

Dharam Deep

“I experienced enormous shifts as soon as I signed up for the Essence to Impact course through you Amateo Ra what surprised me was that they were not in the “business” arena but my personal life. So my revelation was that the energy goes where it is needed the most.”

Debra F.